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Honors College:Civic Learning Project

HNRS 387

In the sophomore or higher year, all Honors College students are required to design and complete a 1-credit civic learning project. Students should begin to develop and make the necessary contacts for their projects at least a semester prior to starting the project. Projects should be focused in the academic field of your degree or a field that a student will be involved with upon graduation.

Successful projects provide many benefits for our students and for the community. Students have the opportunity to share, develop, and learn by connecting knowledge and action. We are often told that knowledge is power; however, the truth of that statement is something garnered from one's own experiences. Civic-Learning helps Honors College students to reaffirm and clarify their career goals, develop attractive undergraduate portfolios for graduate school or a profession.

Honors College students enhance their self-esteem through genuine accomplishment, and learn valuable skills in collaboration and project management.

As you develop your civic learning project, you will want to consult the following resources: