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A&L Graduate Student ResourcesTravel Funding

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Travel Money for Graduate Students

The Dean's Office of the College of Arts & Letters gives graduate students $200 to help defray travel costs when presenting their research papers at conferences. The same amount is also available to faculty members who are presenting with graduate students. Getting this money involves several steps and some paperwork (see below). It may be possible to receive this money more than once, depending on availability and demand. If you have any questions, please contact ASAP.

I. Two weeks before leaving for the conference:

  1. Complete the Student and/or Faculty Mentor Conference Participation Support form, which can be found at https://www.odu.edu/content/dam/odu/col-dept/al/docs/mentor-conference-revised.pdf. Attach an abstract of the paper/presentation and evidence of acceptance to the form.

    2. Only if you need payment in advance: Complete the "Travel Estimate" which is the 2nd tab on the Consolidated Travel Form (Excel spreadsheet) that can be found at https://www.odu.edu/content/dam/odu/offices/finance-office/docs/consolidated-travel-form.xls.

    3. Give all that to your Graduate Program Director.

    4. Deliver to the Associate Dean's administrative assistant in BAL 9042.

II. During the conference:

  1. Make certain that your name is on the hotel receipt and that there is a zero balance on the hotel receipt.

    2. Keep copies of all receipts.

    3. All receipts must show method of payment (e.g. cash, check, credit card with last four digits of the card).

    4. When requesting reimbursement for airfare, you must also submit your boarding pass.

III. No more than 3 days after returning from the conference:

  1. If you did a Consolidated Travel Form, complete the "Travel Reimb" which is the 3rd tab.

    2. Receipts must be taped to 8½ x11 paper and clearly labeled as to date and purpose (food, airfare, cab). Note that you may either submit actual food receipts or you may use the per diem amount found on "Per Diem M&L Rates" which is tab 6 on the Consolidated Travel Form.

    3. Give all that your Graduate Program Director for review.

    4. Deliver to the Associate Dean's administrative assistant in BAL 9042, where an original Travel Reimbursement Voucher will be prepared for your signature and approved for payment by the Dean's Office.

Failure to comply with the above procedures could result in your being denied support.