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Kevin Moberly

Kevin Moberly

Associate Professor
English Department

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  • Articles

    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2017). Gay Habits Set Straight: Fan Culture and Authoritative Praxis. Ready Player One. Maximum Medievalisms, Studies in Honor of Gwen Morgan: Festschrift Issue of Years Work in Medievalism
    Moberly, K. (2015). Hints, Advice, and Maybe Cheat Codes: An English Topics Course About Computer Games. Syllabus, 4 (1),
    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2015). Swords, Sorcery, and Steam: The Industrial Dark Ages in Contemporary Medievalism. Studies in Medievalism, XXIV, pp. 193-217.
    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2014). There is No Word for Work in the Dragon Tongue. The Year’s Work in Medievalism (28),
    Phillips, D., and Moberly, K. (2013). Spectacular Unhappiness: Social Life, Narcissistic Commodification, and Facebook. Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, 13 (3/4),
    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2013). The Dark Ages of the Mind: Eugenics, Amnesia, and Historiography in Dan Brown’s Inferno. Studies in Medievalism, XXIII, pp. 81-106.
    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2012). Reincorporating the Medieval: Morality, Chivalry, and Honor in Post-Financial-Meltdown Corporate Revisionism. Studies in Medievalism, XXI, pp. 11-26.
    Moberly, K. (2010). Commodifying Scarcity: Society, Struggle, and Spectacle in World of Warcraft. Eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture, 4 (2), pp. 215–235.
    Moberly, B., and Moberly, K. (2010). Neo-medievalism and Simulation. Studies in Medievalism, XIX, pp. 12–24.
    Moberly, K. (2008). Composition, computer games, and the absence of writing. Computers and Composition, 25 (3), pp. 284–299.
    Moberly, B., and Moberly, K. (2008). Revising the Future: Medieval Dystopias in Science Fiction-Themed Computer Games. Studies in Medievalism, XVI, pp. 159-183.
    Moberly, K. (2005). Spam Wars: the Sooper Sekrit Rhetoric of Free Speech. Kairos: a Journal of Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy, 1 (3),
    Moberly, K. (2005). Toward the north star: Eudora Welty’s" A Worn Path" and the slave narrative tradition. The Mississippi Quarterly, 59 (1/2), pp. 107.
    Moberly, K. (2004). Reality for Sale: Role-playing, Ideology and Multi-User Dungeons. Works and Days, 22 (1-2), pp. 217-230.
  • Book Chapters

    McAllister, K. S., Ruggill, J. E., Conradi, T., Conway, S., Hanson, C., Kocurek, C. A., Moberly, K., Nichols, R., Nohr, R. F., and Ouellette, M. (2016). Apportioned Commodity Fetishism and the Transformative Power of Game Studies.Examining the Evolution of Gaming and Its Impact on Social, Cultural, and Political Perspectives (pp. 95–122). IGI Global.
    Moberly, K. “Rousing Words”: The Economics of Magic, Rhetoric, and Technology in Medieval-Themed Computer Games.Lit, Lore, and Canon: Forms of Textuality in Medieval Digital Gaming
    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2014). A Thousand Years without a Game: Playing with, in, and through the Middle Ages.Critical Terms in Medievalism Studies (pp. 173-180). Rochester, NY: Boydell & Brewer Press.
    Moberly, K., and Moeller, R. M. (2014). Working at Play: Modding, Revelation, and Transformation in the Technical Communication Classroom.Computer Games and Technical Communication (pp. 189–207). Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press.
    Moberly, K. (2013). Pre-emptive Strikes: Ludology, Narratology, and Deterrence in Computer Game Studies.The Game Culture Reader (pp. 162-174). Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2012). Across Disciplines: Establishing a New Media Program.Collaborative Approaches to the Digital in English Studies. Utah: Computers and Composition Digital Press.
    Moberly, K., and Moberly, B. (2012). ‘For your Labor I will Give you Treasure Enough:’ Labor and the Third-Estate in Medieval-Themed Role-Playing and Massively-Multiplayer Role-Playing Games.Neomedievalism in the Media: Essays on Film, Television, and Electronic Games (pp. 307-338). Edwin Mellen Press.
    Moberly, K. (2010). More than Definitions, Descriptions, and Differences: The Labor of Reading and Writing Media.RAW: Reading (and Writing) New Media (pp. 35-52). Cresskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press, Inc..
    Barton, M., and Moberly, K. (2010). Quests and Achievements in the Classroom.Design and Implementation of Educational Games: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives (pp. 206-225). Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global.
    Moberly, K. (2009). Codifying Crime: A Hacker’s Guide to Computer Culture.The Computer Culture Reader (pp. 137-158). Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • 2016: Entsminger Fellow, Old Dominion University
  • 2016: Robin L. Hixon Research Fellowship, Department of English, Old Dominion University
  • 2015: Nominated for the Joel S. Lewis Faculty Award for Excellence in Student Mentoring, College of Arts and Letters, Old Dominion University
  • 2015: Nominated for the Robert L. Stern Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Arts and Letters, Old Dominion University
  • 2014: Nominated for the Robert L. Stern Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Arts and Letters, Old Dominion University
  • 2012: Teaching with Technology Award, Old Dominion University
  • 2010: Shining Star Teaching Award, Old Dominion University
  • 2007: Recognized at the 2007 Computers and Writing Conference for co-organizing the 2007 Computers and Writing Online Conference, Computers and Writing Conference
  • 2004: Robert and Bernice Webb Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching (Advanced Level)
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

    Rodrigo, S.; McKittrick, M.; Mize, M. "Center for Learning and Teaching Faculty Innovator Grant " $3,000. 2015 - 2015
    Moberly, K. "College of Arts & Letters Summer Research Fellowship" $6,000. 2011 - 2011