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Staci Defibaugh

Staci Defibaugh

English Department

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  • Articles

    Defibaugh, S. (2019). “I talked to my doctor:” Constructing the neoliberal patient-consumer in direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising. Discourse, Context and Media, 28, pp. 1-7.
    Defibaugh, S. (2018). Small talk as work talk: Enacting the patient-centered approach in nurse-practitioner-patient visits. Communication & Medicine, 14 (2), pp. 97-107.
  • Books

    Defibaugh, S. (2018). Nurse Practitioners and the Performance of Professional Competency: Accomplishing Patient-centered Care. Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

    Defibaugh, S. "Nurse Practitioners and the Performance of Professional Competency" $3,500. Old Dominion University. 2017 - 2017