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Canvas for Instructors


Log in at canvas.odu.edu with your MIDAS ID and password.

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Canvas at ODU

The Canvas Learning Management System enables collaboration, feedback, and access to documents, assignments and other materials.

Accessing Canvas

 On the web

Go to canvas.odu.edu and log in with your MIDAS ID and password.

The Canvas web interface (canvas.odu.edu) is designed for a screen NO SMALLER than 8 inches. Using the web browser on a mobile phone or small tablet will produce very poor results. Canvas does NOT support mobile browsers.

 Browser Compatibility

 Canvas mobile app

Access Canvas on the go from the Canvas Teacher app, available in your device's app store. Launch the app, then search for Old Dominion or ODU to find your ODU courses.

Useful Resources


Working with content

Canvas has different storage limits for regular content vs multimedia content. There is a 2GB limit on multimedia files; all other content is unlimited. See here for a comparison of how Canvas handles different types of content.

As an alternative to storing content directly in Canvas, you can use Kaltura to store, publish and stream videos, video collections and other media. The system integrates with Canvas, allowing faculty to create, upload and share multimedia content with ease.

Get Help & Training


Canvas provides 24/7 chat, phone, email and online support, plus access to online documentation and virtual training. Hit the Help button from anywhere in Canvas.

For a better understanding of Canvas, take the self-paced course called "Growing with Canvas" (found in your Canvas course list) or browse Canvas' guides online.


CLT offers a number of workshops throughout the semester. Visit The CLT Event System for additional documentation and training schedules.


The ITS Help Desk is available by phone or email around the clock, or visit us during office hours inside Monarch Hall if you have trouble logging in.

Course Merging

Student class schedules and enrollment information fall under the privacy protections of FERPA, which means that only school officials with a legitimate educational interest can access this information. ODU cannot disclose it to anyone else, including other students. The U.S. Department of Education does allow students within a class to see the names of other students in that class, just as they would in a traditional classroom. But CRNs that are not cross-listed in Banner are considered separate classes in the same way that a M/W/F 8am and a T/Th 1pm section of MATH 211 are considered two separate classes.

Department scheduling office staff and faculty should work with the Registrars office to properly cross-list appropriate course sections in Banner whenever possible. Cross-listing in Banner will provide a single CRN/course section in Canvas for instructors to manage.

If cross-listing in Banner is not possible, faculty can merge classes in Canvas (also called "cross-listing" in the Canvas interface). Merging/cross-listing class sections in Canvas does not make them a single class if Banner (the University's system of record) lists them separately. It does however, provide for easier management of course information for instructors. Merging/cross-listing in Canvas provides some separation of course sections as required by FERPA, but also requires specific actions by faculty with respect to implementing/managing tools within each course to ensure full FERPA compliance. To merge/cross-list course sections in Canvas and ensure full FERPA compliance instructors should follow the procedures outlined in our cross-listing guide:

 Canvas: Cross-listing Courses

Instructors Dealing with Incompletes

Instructors have the authority to grant "I" grades to students who are unable to complete a course by the end of the semester (at the student's request and the instructor's discretion).

In Blackboard, students could complete the course within the original course shell by a certain date in order to clear the incomplete. However, as we transition to Canvas, students who started a course in Blackboard will need to finish the course in Canvas, and the process for granting students access to their coursework in Canvas is slightly different. If you have students with incompletes, learn more in our guide:

 Canvas: Managing Incompletes in the Transition from Blackboard