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Information for Witnesses

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If you have been identified as someone with knowledge of a specific incident, you will be asked to attend the hearing (in person or via phone) to share your perspective of what occurred. Hearings are scheduled around the course times of respondents and witnesses.

The following is the description of witnesses in the Code of Student Conduct (pg. 20):

  • A witness is regarded as someone who has personal knowledge of the incident at issue.
  • Witnesses may have no other role in the hearing, such as an advisor, and should be present only during their opportunity to provide information and answer questions.
  • The Conduct Officer or Chairperson will decide whether the respondent or complainant may question witnesses directly, or if questions must be submitted to the Conduct Officer or Chairperson, who will decide which of the questions to ask.
  • Character witnesses are not relevant and therefore not permitted.
  • Should a respondent seek to invite any witnesses not identified in the Notice, it will be the student's responsibility to email a list of witnesses and a summary of each witness's expected statements to the Conduct Officer no later than 2 business days prior to the respondent's scheduled hearing.
  • Witness lists for panel hearings should be emailed to the Director no later than 2 business days prior to the respondent's scheduled hearing.

Witnesses attend a specific portion of the hearing to share information about the incident. Respondents are allowed to ask the witness questions. The Conduct Officer will ensure that questions are appropriate and relevant.

If you do not remember exact details (such as the color of someone's shirt or the number of cups you saw), do not be concerned. The Conduct Officer will try to understand what occurred and you have been invited because your input is valuable.

If you have specific concerns about being a witness, please contact the Conduct Officer who sent you the letter.

If you have a question that was not addressed here, please contact us.

Report a Violation

If you need to report an emergency, do not use these forms. Instead, call the Old Dominion University Police at (757) 683-4000, or dial 911. To report a crime anonymously, please visit the ODU Police Report a Crime Webpage .

Report a Student Conduct Violation 

Any person may use this form to report a suspected violation of the Code of Student Conduct. The reporting party must provide their name and incident details.

Report a Housing/Residence Life Incident 

Students or staff of Housing & Residence Life may use this form to report violations of the Code of Student Conduct that occur in housing.

Report an Academic Integrity Violation 

Faculty members who suspect a student may have engaged in an Academic Integrity violation are strongly encouraged to consult with OSCAI staff.