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Department of Physics: Undergraduate ProgramSenior Thesis

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Physics Department working with Jefferson Lab to build multiple particle detectors.

Senior Thesis

Physics 499W and Physics (489W-490W)

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Senior Thesis Presentations - 2021

Presenter Title
Francis A. Estacion Cosmic-Ray Muon Ionization in A Radical Time Projection Chamber
Daniel Ulysses Akers
A Mathematical Model of Wound Healing and Tissue Regeneration
Dylan Winebarger
The Optimization of a High Frequency Radio Wave Antenna for Communication Using the Ionosphere
Kevin Zytowski Orbital Shifting
Penn Rogers
Simulating Satellite Explosions in Low Earth Orbit
Vanessa Alvarado Simulating Sunlight Penetration in Awater with Commercially available Optic Filters

Senior Thesis Presentations - 2020

Presenter Title
Duncan Cruickshank Testing and Data Taking with Gaseous Particle Detectors
Emery Gabriel G. Mongona Unique Topological Ray Trajectories from Classical Mechanics

Isaiah Richardson

Investigation of a Tunable Laser Stabilization Technique to a Two-Photon Transition in Rubidium Using Polarization Spectroscopy
Jordan Lee
Identification of Certain Iron Oxides Formed During the Corrosion of Steel
Lucas Tracy Electrons fro Neutrinos: Lepton Energy Reconstruction in the Resonance Excitation Region

Peyton Francher

The BONuS12 Drift-Gas Monitoring System

Ryan Guenthner Landau-Zerner Transitions In A Two Level PT-Symmetric Hamiltonian