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Graduate AdmissionsFrequently Asked Questions

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Application Process Military Affiliate Students
Non-Degree Seeking Accepted Students
Deferment Reactivation

Application Process

Is there an application fee?

There is a non-refundable $50 application fee. However, if you paid the application fee in the last 12 months, or you are an ODU Alumnus, the fee is not required.

Where do I send my application and credentials?

Unless indicated otherwise by the department, application materials and credentials should be sent directly to:

Old Dominion University
Office of Graduate Admissions
1000 Alfred B. Rollins Jr. Hall
Norfolk, VA 23529-0050



Include your full name and date of birth on all documents.

**DPT applicants should send official documents to PTCAS.

**Speech Language Pathology applicants should send official documents to CSDCAS.

**Athletic Training Program applicants should send official documents to ATCAS.

Can any of the department requirements be waived?

Transcripts from the institution you received your bachelor's degree from and beyond cannot be waived. However, it is at the discretion of your Graduate Program Director (GPD) to waive any other application requirements. The GPD will send written verification or an email to the Office of Graduate Admissions approving the removal of certain requirements.

Do I need official transcript to apply?

No, ODU can evaluate your application with unofficial transcripts. However, if you are admitted and decide to enroll, you must provide official transcripts before you can register for classes.

I sent or will send official transcripts to ODU, but the application is asking for unofficial transcripts?

The ODU application is designed so students can upload unofficial transcripts. If you are unable to access unofficial transcripts or sent official transcripts, you can still submit your application by selecting one of the below options:

  • I will be uploading unofficial transcripts for this institution
  • I will be providig official transcripts for this institution after submission of this application *this option states that you are not providing unofficial transcripts but will send official transcripts

Please Note: Applications can be evaluated with unofficial transcripts, but the university requires official transcripts at the time you are accepted and decide to enroll.

I am a current or former ODU student. Do I need to provide unofficial transcripts?

In the enrollment history section choose the option: I will be providing official transcripts for this institution after submission of this application. Our office will be able to view your previous record and notate your application portal during our process.

However, the ODU application is designed so students can upload unofficial transcripts. Keep in mind that providing unofficial transcripts may help expedite the evaluation process. If you are unable to access unofficial transcripts, please see the instructions above.

Please Note: You do not need to request official ODU transcripts. If you attended courses at another institution after you completed your degree at ODU, you are required to provide all additional transcripts.

Do I have to fill out every section of the application?

No, you only need to fill out the mandatory sections (marked with an asterisk *) that pertain to your program of interest. For example, not all programs ask for a resume. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with your program's requirements before applying.

Should my letters of recommendation be sent electronically or sent through the mail?

On the application you will add an email for each of your references. When you do this your reference will be able to complete the recommendation electronically and you will have the option to re-notify if necessary after your submission.

Letters of recommendation can also be sent from your reference directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions' email (gradadmit@odu.edu) or through the mail. References can write a stand-alone letter of recommendation or use the Recommendation Form as a guideline and attach a letter to it.

What exams are required for admission to a graduate program?

Many of our graduate programs require a standardized test as part of admissions process. To view information on test waiver options please contact your program or their admissions webpage.

The most common admission tests include the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), Miller Analogies Test (MAT), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), and PRAXIS. For more information on these tests, please visit the Educational Testing Service (ETS) or contact our Testing Center at (757) 683-3697.

What is ODU's CEEB code?

The College Examination Entrance Board (CEEB) code for all standardized test reporting to ODU is 005126.

Do I send my GRE, MAT, or GMAT scores directly to the department or to Graduate Admissions?

Unless a program specifies to have scores sent to their department, all test scores should be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions (CEEB Code 005126).

**DPT applicants should send GRE scores to code 7800.

**Speech Language Pathology applicants should send GRE scores to code 1867.

**Athletic Training Program applicants should send their GRE scores to code 4350.

Do I need to take the GRE, MAT, or GMAT before submitting my application?

The required tests need to be taken before the application deadline. You can still apply and submit an application before submitting test scores. However, your application will be considered incomplete until your test scores arrive. When your scores are sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions, they will be added to your application.

How does my application get to the department?

Once you apply to a program the department is notified electronically. The Office of Graduate Admissions will compile your supporting credentials, and then provide them electronically to your Graduate Program Director.

Can I apply for more than one graduate program at a time?

Yes. You will have to create a second application. Communication with the program directors in both departments is crucial and students are encouraged to start this conversation as early as possible.

What happens if my application is not complete by the deadline?

You may defer your application up to one year from your initial application entry term by completing the graduate deferment form. Or, the Graduate Program Director may wish to continue the review process past the application deadline date.

You also have the option to take up to 12 graduate credits as a Non-Degree seeking student and then roll those courses into a degree seeking program during the next entry term. You will need to fill out the graduate application again and select "Non-Degree" as both your student type and program of interest. Please note that Non-Degree students are not eligible for financial aid. For more information on Non-Degree admissions click here.

How many hours can I transfer in to my graduate program?

You are allowed to transfer a maximum of 12 graduate credits, unless previously approved by the Graduate Program Director (GPD). The Graduate Program Director evaluates and determines which graduate courses will transfer to ODU. You are encouraged to consult with the GPD before taking any coursework.

I am a permanent resident – do I need to demonstrate English proficiency?

If your native language is not English, you must provide evidence of English proficiency to enroll in courses. To see all the ways you can demonstrate that you meet the University's English requirements please click here.

How do I check the status of my application?

Once the application has been loaded into our database system, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to track your status online through your application portal.. You may also call the Office of Graduate Admissions at (757) 683-3685, option 3, or email at gradadmit@odu.edu.

I submitted my application and cannot attach any more documents, what do I do?

Once your application is submitted you cannot make changes. However, you are more than welcome to email any supporting documents or updated documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions at gradadmit@odu.edu and we can add them to your application.

I submitted my application and I am given the option to do a second application, should I fill out another application?

After submitting an application, all students are given the option to complete a second application. This option is available because some students may be interested in applying to more than one program or to re-apply to a program in the future using the same log-in credentials.

My application is submitted, but when I view the PDF of my application I see blank sections that I did not fill out?

All our graduate programs (non-degree students included) use the same application, but each program has the ability to select what sections their students will fill out. If you see blank sections when you review the application PDF then your program did not request that section's information or requirement.

How long before I receive a decision?

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the date in which your application is considered complete. Many departments will not begin the application review process until the official deadline; therefore, some decisions will exceed 4 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact your Graduate Program Director or the Office of Admissions.

How do I change my program?

For Pending Applications: Submit a written request to the Graduate Admissions email gradadmit@odu.edu. Be sure to include the effective entry term for your new program. You may be required to submit a new application and supporting credentials to fulfill different departmental requirements for the new program.

If your application has already received a decision a new application and process will need to be completed for consideration into the new program.

Military Affiliated Students

What percentage of ODU's population are connected to the military?

25% of ODU students are military affiliated.

What is tuition for military members?

Active duty military, spouses and dependent children may be entitled to in-state tuition rates upon submission of an application for in-state tuition with documentation indicating military orders to a permanent duty station in Virginia and proof of current Virginia residency. Learn more about eligibility for in-state tuition here.

I have questions about my G.I Benefits.

Forms and instructions on how to apply for G.I. Benefits can be found here. Also, the Military Educational Benefits Team can be reached in the Office of the Registrar at 757-683-4425 or vaservices@odu.edu. Another resource for military affiliated students from admission to career services is the Military Connection Center.

I am interested in the degree programs specific to military members.

ODU offers two programs designed specifically for military members.

The Master of Engineering Management by Portable Media (MEM) for graduates of the Navy Nuclear Power School Officer program (including prototype) or the Bettis Reactor Engineering School. MEM advisors can be found here

Non-Degree Seeking

What are the requirements and deadlines for Non-Degree seeking students?

It is the university's policy that non-degree seeking students can take up to 12 graduate level credits. To apply as a non-degree seeking student, please complete the graduate application and indicate "Non-Degree" on the section Academic Interest as your student type and program of interest. No additional credentials such as test scores, essays, or letters of recommendation are required. If applying for a certificate, please review your requirements if applicable here or contact your certificate program's director. Please note that non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid. For additional information on non-degree admissions click here.

Students completing a certificate or Post-Baccalaureate program or who apply as "Life-Learners" can take more than 12 credits.

I just submitted my non-degree application, when will I receive a decision?

Once a non-degree application is submitted, it will be processed and a decision email will be sent within one week. The email will include your student identification number and instructions for registering for classes.

Please Note for Certificates: For those applying for a non-degree certificate we will need approval from your certificate program's director after your submission before the application decision can be processed.

I took classes as a non-degree student a few years ago, how do I reactive my application?

Non-degree and certificate applications cannot be reactivated, instead a new non-degree application must be submitted after a semester of not taking classes. Please complete the graduate application and select non-degree as your student type and program of interest.

I Have Been Accepted

When do I get my University Identification Number (UIN)?

Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the date in which your application is considered complete. Many departments will not begin the application review process until the official deadline; therefore, some decisions will exceed 4 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact your Graduate Program Director or the Office of Admissions.

Once you are accepted, your electronic decision letter will show your UIN.

When do I need to accept or decline my admissions?

Unless your program provides an acceptance deadline, there is no deadline to accept or decline admissions to ODU. Confirming your admissions early may help you secure financial opportunities or register for a popular course.

How much is the graduate admissions deposit?

There is no graduate admissions deposit required except for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

How much is tuition?

For a list of the most current tuition rate, please click here.


How do I reactivate my application?

Reactivation is for previous degree seeking student who voluntarily left the University in good academic standing, and have been separated for more than one full academic year. If you fit this criteria, please complete the Graduate Reactivation Form and send it to the Office of Graduate Admissions (gradadmit@odu.edu).


How do I defer my application?

Students can complete the Deferment Form to defer an incomplete application or an offer of admissions for up to one academic year following the initial term of entry.

If I defer my application do I have to re-submit the application or pay the fee again?

No, if you defer your application you do not need to re-submit the application or pay the fee again.