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Color Palette, Fonts & Visual Elements

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Color Palette

The university colors are blue (PMS 540) and silver and were selected to be highly distinctive and unique to Old Dominion University. In applications where silver may not be used, grey (PMS 430) should be substituted.

Anchored against the three primary University colors, a cool coastal spectrum has been added to compliment and enhance all creative materials. These colors are rooted in the heritage of the region, but are flexible enough to create distinct messaging no matter the project. Specific swatches have been chosen for CMYK and RGB applications, so make sure you are using the right selections for your specific project.

Web Color Palette

The University's Web Content Management System (WCMS) has the Web color palette pre-programmed. Development outside of the WCMS is not permitted. If you are looking to develop pages outside of the WCMS, you must contact University Web & Digital Communication before you begin work.


To further emphasize the layers and levels of design, ODU employs several fonts in designs. Click the font styles below to download or purchase for your team. OpenSans is a free font, Microgramma and Vitesse licenses must be purchased by your department.

Microgramma Font Example
Vitesse Font Example
Open Sans Font Example

Visual Elements