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Supervisor/Proxy Responsibilities

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Supervisors are designated as the Approver in Banner. Supervisors are responsible for approving timesheets each pay period. In addition, supervisors are responsible for setting up Proxies who can approve timesheets in their absence.

  • Approvers must set up at least one Proxy to approve timesheets in their absence.
    • A proxy assumes your approval power.
    • A proxy should be a full-time budgeted employee within your organization.
    • A proxy should be at a position level equal to or higher than your position.
  • Neither Human Resources nor the Payroll Office can set up a proxy for an approver.
  • The proxy must have been issued the same security set-up (budget codes and Employee types) as the Approver in order to approve time or leave.
  • A proxy should ONLY approve time when requested to do so by the Primary Approver.
  • You should notify the proxy when you need them to approve timesheets/leave reports on your behalf.
  • A proxy must never approve his/her own timesheet/leave report.
  • No classified employee can approve leave for Administrative, Professional, or Instructional Faculty.
  • An employee can be made a proxy for more than one approver.
  • Approvers must tell the Proxy which pay period(s) to approve.
  • Approvers may add or delete Proxies at any time by using the Proxy Set-Up screen.

Supervisory Changes of any type must be communicated to the appropriate office immediately to ensure employees are paid on time. Failure to notify the appropriate office in a timely manner could result in employees being unable to access their timesheets or leave reports.

Supervisor Resigning - Notify Human Resources or E-1S Processing in Payroll immediately and indicate acting supervisor(s) until a replacement is hired.

Proxy set-ups do not work when the Supervisor has terminated.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on designating a Proxy in Banner Web Time Entry