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Late Timesheets/Corrections

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Timesheet Corrections or Changes

  • The Approver or Proxy must notify the employee when a timesheet is returned for correction. Speak directly with the employee or send him/her a brief e-mail.
  • The Approver or Proxy must notify the employee when he or she makes a change to the employee's timesheet, and the approver must document the changes in the comment section of the time sheet.
  • The Approver or Proxy must verify all hours entered and ensure any necessary corrections are made prior to approving the timesheet.

Late Timesheets

If the employee fails to start or submit a timesheet:

  • Manual timesheet for the employee type is required
  • If the department wishes the employee to be paid as scheduled - must also submit the Manual Paycheck Request Form ($50 fee).
    • If no Manual Paycheck Request Form submitted, employee will be paid on the next scheduled pay date.

If the supervisor fails to approve on time:

  • No manual timesheet required
  • No Manual Paycheck Request Form required
  • The supervisor is contacted by Payroll to ensure the timesheet is correct.
  • Employee paid on current payroll