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F. Ludwig Diehn School of Music MME Degree and Post-Graduate Certificate

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Old Dominion University Concert Choir, Dr. Nancy K. Klein, Director, at the Old Dominion University Music and Dance Showcase.

Master of Music Education, M.M.E

The Master of Music Education degree is designed to stress the development of advanced knowledge of broad-based principles and practices in music and music education for application in the public or private school, private studio, or higher education setting. A minimum of 34 semester hours of course work is required to complete the degree, with the hours distributed according to the area of concentration. Virginia Department of Education teacher licensure is not included with this degree.

Not sure which Concentration to choose below?

No problem. Students may begin specific work on a Concentration right away. However, a Concentration does not have to be declared to be accepted to the MME program until 12 credits have been completed toward the degree.


* All concentrations are comprised of 34 credit hours

Applied Studies or Conducting

Classes & Requirements


Independent Commercial Photographer
Classes & Requirements


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Classes & Requirements

Post-Graduate Certificate in Music Performance

12 credit hours

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Music Performance is designed to strengthen the performance skills of musicians and music educators. Students will gain knowledge advanced applied music (i.e., individual graduate level applied performance level lessons) and music pedagogy specific to their musical area of study. Certificate compelters will be trained and able to provide a high-level of performance and perform music at the levels expected of the professional musician. See the admission information page for additional details.

Program Requirements

Total Number of Credit Hours: 12 credits

Required Core Courses: 6 credit hours

MUSA 651 Advanced Applied Music (3 credits)

MUSA 652 Advanced Applied Music (3 credits)

Restricted Electives: 6 credits

MUSC 614 Workshop in Instrumental Music (1 credit)

MUSC 615 Workshop in Vocal Music (1 credit)

MUSC 680 Ensemble (1 credit)

MUSC 692 Portfolio (3 credits)

MUSC 695 Topics in Music (1-3 credits)

MUSC 696 Topics in Music (1-3 credits)

MUSC 697 Independent Study in Music (1-3 credits)

Additional courses are available upon advising. Contact Graduate Program Director Dr. Douglas T. Owens for additional information.

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Douglas T. Owens

Dr. Douglas T. Owens

Graduate Program Director | Associate Professor

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