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ODU lion fountain at night.

Dell & Enterprise Update 2016

Dell Purchases:

Please be advised that the PCard should not be used as payment method for Dell. All Dell orders must be placed via purchase requisition in eVA with a copy of the Dell eQuote attached. Each item from your Dell eQuote should be entered as a separate line item on your eVA purchase requisition (with exception to ETF orders). ODU has a direct portal to the Dell Premier website established specifically with ODU contract pricing. This site includes the various standard configurations and options authorized and available for ordering by University departments and students. If you need assistance developing an eQuote, please contact your TSP.

To establish a Dell Premier user account, please contact Procurement Services at procurement@odu.edu. This account will allow you to view available products and configuration options together with associated ODU pricing, create eQuotes, and track orders. The link to Dell Premier is www.dell.com/account.

Any questions regarding this contract should be directed to Procurement Services 683-3105.

Enterprise Contract Update

New Contract/Account: #XZ21270

New Rates & Program Summary: Located on the Procurement Services website here.

Order/Payment Method: PCard, PA01 Form, or Purchase Order.

For reservations not arranged through Little Creek office, the renter name must match the name on the card used for payment.

Local Reservations: These can be made online using ODU account number or by phone with the 912 W. Little Creek Road location at 757-489-2006.

Non-Local Reservations: These can be made online using ODU account number.

Pick Up and Drop Off: Enterprise will drop off cars in Lot 47. Cars must be returned to Lot 47 designated spaces to avoid ticketing. (Lot is at the corner of Killiam Avenue and 46th.)

Tolls: Alert Enterprise staff when reserving or picking up the rental if you know you will go through tolls. (This will decrease the administrative fee charged.)

Additional Insurance: Renters should not accept additional insurance if offered. The new daily rate includes all required insurance.


  • Vehicles must be refueled by renter before being returned.
  • Fuel, parking and other fees are personal business expenses to be paid by renter and then reimbursed.
  • The PCard is only authorized for car rental time and distance fees, airport fees, and allowable tolls only.
  • Cardholders and Approvers are responsible for recovering fuel, additional insurance, parking fees, GPS and any other unauthorized charges.

Posted By: Katie Markle