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Withdrawal from classes occurs after the deadline to drop classes has passed. Students who withdraw are encouraged to contact their instructor, advisor, and financial aid counselor to discuss the implications of withdrawing. A grade of W will be assigned during this period.

Considerations when withdrawing:

  • Course withdrawal may adversely impact satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes and may limit the student's ability to continue receiving financial aid.
  • Some degree programs have withdrawal, continuance, and progression policies that supersede the policy because of the nature of the professional standards and practices underlying the specific curriculum. Students should consult with their advisor or student success coach (for online students) to determine if there are more stringent requirements for withdrawing from courses in specific majors.
  • International students (F and J visa holders) who plan to drop below the required credit hours for immigration purposes must first obtain approval from Visa & Immigration Service Advising (VISA), 2006 Dragas Hall.

How to Withdraw

During Withdrawal Period - No Permission Needed

During the withdrawal period, no instructor permission is required and the withdrawal may usually be accomplished via LEO Online (Banner Registration) or by submitting a completed Drop/Add/Withdraw Form to the Office of the Registrar. Students who are unable to withdraw themselves online due to holds should email register@odu.edu with their University ID Number (UIN) for assistance. Students who are manually withdrawn by the Registrar's Office will receive an email confirmation of the withdrawal to the ODU email address.

Students who withdraw from classes by any method should verify the withdrawal in LEO Online by viewing the Registration Status in the Summary tab of Banner Registration-->Register for Classes.

See the Office of Finance website for information about tuition refunds and refund deadlines.

After Withdrawal Period

The new, extended deadline of the last day of classes is a hard deadline and no exceptions are permitted.

Students who miss the deadline to withdraw and need to withdraw from all their classes due to extenuating circumstances should contact Student Outreach and Support (SOS).

Unofficial Withdrawal

A student who stops attending classes without officially withdrawing will receive a grade of "WF" except if the student's performance was an F at the time the student stopped attending class, in which case a grade of "F" will be assigned.

The grade of "WF" will carry no points, but will be computed in the student's grade point average.

Non-attendance does not relieve students of the financial responsibility for tuition charges after they are registered for a class. The University does not drop students for non-attendance or non-payment of tuition.