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Students walking by Engineering Systems Building.

Program Information

Undergraduate Program

Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.) program information for current students.

Graduate Program

Graduate program information.


Please let us know about your activities and interests by filling in the alumni questionnaire shown below. To serve our alumni more effectively, we're in the middle of constantly updating alumni database. Some are missing, some are outdated -- so you guys out there, please pitch in. We NEED your help.

We prepared a "ODU Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Information Entry form" for your convenience. please take a minute or two, and fill your information. Whatever you put in will be included in the alumni database AS IS. So please answer as detail as you can, and if you have special instruction or comments for handling your record, please let us know in a text box at the bottom of the entry form.

If you DO insist on using snail mail(!), please send your information update to Melanie Agustin.

*Please rest assured that all information will be kept strictly confidential, and only used to maintain the CEE Alumni Database to serve you better.