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Graduate SchoolCommittees

Graduate Administrators Council

The Graduate Administrators Council (GAC) reviews and makes recommendations to strengthen and simplify current University standards, rules, policies, and procedures governing graduate education. GAC also reviews centralized administrative processes and structure to ensure all areas related to graduate education administration is accountable to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. They also develop a graduate program director's handbook and provide training for new and continuing graduate program directors.

2021 - 2022 Members

Robert Wojtowicz, Chair and Vice Provost & Dean of the Graduate School

Bryan Porter, Associate Dean, The Graduate School

Missy Barber, Associate Director for Administration & Academic Services, The Graduate School

Karen Eck, Assistant Vice President for Research

Megan Corbett, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Analyst, Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Jane Dané, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, SEES

Humberto Portellez, University Registrar

Bill Heffelfinger, Director of Graduate Admissions

Dorothy Lockaby, Head of Liaison Services, University Libraries

Paul Currant, Senior International Officer, Center for Global Engagement

Dale Miller, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Letters

Regina Karp, Graduate Program Director, GPIS, College of Arts &Letters

Lamar Reams, Interim Associate Dean, Darden College of Education & Professional Studies

Linda Bol, Graduate Program Director, Educational Foundations & Leadership, Darden College of Education & Professional Studies

Lesley Greene, Associate Dean, College of Sciences

Mathew Schmidt, Graduate Program Director, Ocean & Earth Sciences, College of Sciences

David Cook, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Graduate Program Director MBA, Strome College of Business

Vickie Carnegie, Graduate Program Director, School of Public Service, Strome College of Business

Sandeep Kumar, Interim Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Batten College of Engineering & Technology

Miltos Kotinis, Graduate Program Director, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Batten College of Engineering & Technology

Debbie Bauman, Assistant Dean, College of Health Sciences

Robert Bruno, Graduate Program Director, Molecular Diagnostics, College of Health Sciences

Renee Felts, AVP for Academic Initiatives, School of Continuing Education

Wie Yusuf, Faculty Senate Representative, Professor, School of Public Service, Strome College of Business

Chunsheng Xin, Graduate Program Director, School of Cybersecurity

Graduate School Attendees:

Liz Smith, Interdisciplinary Initiatives Administrator, The Graduate School

Graduate Appeals Committee

2021 - 2022 Members

Thomas Bean, Chair, Darden College of Education & Professional Studies

Mark Dorrepaal, College of Sciences

Soo-Hoon Lee, Strome College of Business

Jiang Li, Batten College of Engineering and Technology

Georg Menz, College of Arts and Letters

Mariana Szklo-Coxe, College of Health Sciences

Praveen Durgampudi, Faculty Senate Representative, College of Health Sciences

Dennis Gregory, Darden College of Education & Professional Studies, Faculty Senate Appointee