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eReceiving Program

Electronic Receiving (eReceiving) is used for 100% of all eVA purchase orders with the exception of capital construction. This process increases efficiency for Procurement Services, Accounts Payable, University departments and vendors.

  • Improves Accountability
  • Promotes Prompt Payment
  • Provides a Complete Audit Trail
  • Increases Customer Service

*Please complete eReceiving Training before requesting an account. Contact procurement@odu.edu with questions.

eReceiving User Guide (Banner XE)

This PDF manual serves as a step-by-step instructional guide on how to maneuver through Banner eReceiving. Topics include:

  • How to Access eReceiving in Banner
  • How to Create an eReceiver
  • Researching the Purchase Order in FOIDOCH
  • Researching an eReceiving in FOIDOCH
  • Viewing Status Indicators in FOIDOCH
  • How to Complete a Return or Adjustment Receiver
  • How to Complete an Incomplete Receiver
ereceiving user guide
ereceiving procedures
Year-End Receiving Report

Establishing an Account

1. Training Requirement

Banner eReceiving Training is mandatory. Training is provided monthly and is required prior to approval of Banner eReceiving account access.

2. Account Setup

Banner eReceiving Accounts are requested through midas.odu.edu. Follow these step-by-step instructions to request an account.

Banner eReceiving Forms

Banner eReceiving Forms

  • FPARCVD - form to complete an eReceiver
  • FPIRCVD - form to query an eReceiver
  • FOIDOCH - form to query status of a Purchase Order, eReceiver, Invoice, Check, etc.

After logging into Banner, go to the menu "Search" bar and type FPARCVD, FPIRCVD, or FOIDOCH to access the forms.

eVA Transactions in Banner

  • eVA transactions are loaded into Banner daily through a data export/import process.
  • Orders approved in eVA will post in Banner one business day after the eVA purchase order is complete, provided the eVA purchase order was created correctly and the vendor tax ID matches on the Banner vendor table.
  • Purchase order numbers in Banner do not include the "P".

eReceiving Procedures

You can also view the Procurement Services policy PDF on eReceiving Requirements HERE.

Steps to ensure proper completion of eReceiving Document:

  • Department receiving personnel should inspect goods/services received and generate the Banner eReceiving document within 3 working daysafter receipt of goods/services.
  • eReceiving User Guide located on the Procurement Services website provides Banner screen shots and detailed steps on how to complete an eReceiver.
  • Date Received is a required field which automatically defaults to the current date. The default date shall be adjusted and the actual date the goods/services are received shall be entered. Acceptance of the system default date which does not accurately reflect the date goods/services are received may result in loss of department's delegated purchasing authority.
  • Receiving Method is a required field. You must select the correct associated receiving method. It is crucial that Prepayments are entered with a receiving method of PPAY.
  • Select Complete to fully complete the Banner eReceiver. Incomplete receivers cannot be processed and matched for payment.
  • Do not wait for an invoice to complete a Banner eReceiver. If your department requires a copy of an invoice for reconciliation prior to completing the Banner eReceiver, you may request a copy of the invoice from the vendor. Banner users can access and view scanned images of the vendor invoice via BDMS (see the Office of Finance for details).
  • All invoices for eVA purchase orders shall be sent to Accounts Payable at invoice@odu.edu or mailed to Office of Finance, Rollins Hall Room 202, Norfolk, VA 23529.


3-way-match is the automated Banner process used to match the purchase order, invoice and receiver, resulting in payment being processed if:

  1. The purchase order is developed appropriately in eVA based on quantity and unit of measure ordered, and is written to facilitate 3-way-match.
  2. An eReceiver is completed in Banner by the department.
  3. The invoice is received in the Office of Finance and entered into Banner by Accounts Payable.


Multiple invoices do not require multiple eReceivers (with the exception of Capital Construction). One receiver can be completed for multiple quantities and multiple line items.

  1. Partial shipments -an eReceiver shall be completed for partial shipments that are not part of a complete 'system' configuration.
  2. Complete shipments -an eReceiver shall be completed for complete shipments.
Capital Construction invoices will each require a paper receiver.

Defects in Goods/Services Received

Defects in goods/services received:

  1. Must be documented in writing.
  2. The University must notify the vendor within 15 calendar days of receipt of damaged goods/services.

Exemptions & Exceptions from eReceiving

There are two exceptions to eReceiving: Capital Construction and purchase orders with balances of less than $500 that have been liquidated and closed as part of the year-end process.

Capital Construction

Capital Construction transactions shall be exempt from eReceiving. Paper receiving documentation shall be provided to the Budget Officer, where appropriate paper receiving package shall be reviewed and/or prepared along with invoice. The receiving package shall be submitted to Accounts Payable for payment.

  • A paper receiving report should be submitted for each invoice to be paid.
  • Copy of eVA purchase order
  • Indicate partial or complete
  • Actual date the goods/services were received
  • Print the name and title of the individual receiving the order
  • Enter the date you completed the receiving report
  • Forward a copy to Accounts Payable within 3 working days of receipt of delivery
  • Keep a copy for your department file

Closed Purchase Orders <$500

If invoices are to be paid against purchase orders with balances of less than $500 that have been liquidated and closed as part of the year end process, a Year-End Paper Receiving Report will be required.

  • Indicate partial or complete.
  • Enter the actual date the goods and/or service were received
  • Print the name and title of the individual receiving the order
  • Enter the date you completed the receiving report
  • Forward a copy to Account Payable within 3 working days of receipt of delivery
  • Keep a copy for your department file


  • The quantity received can only be changed if the receiver is incomplete.
  • Incomplete receivers can be removed by sending a request to procurement@odu.edu.
  • Once a receiver is completed, it cannot be removed or changed. To correct a mistake on a completed receiver, an adjustment receiver is required.
  • If the receiver will not complete, check to be sure each line item has a quantity in the current field. If a specific line item hasn't been received by the department and was added to the receiver, '0' (zero) will need to be entered in the current field in order to complete the receiver.
  • Central Warehouse personnel will be complete receivers for all orders delivered to the Central Warehouse.
  • Prepayments: The receiving method should be PPAY and the date received should reflect the date the good/service will be received.
  • Packing Slip Field: This is a required field which can be used for the packing slip number. If no packing slip the Banner user can use this field at their discretion.
  • Returns are processed using form FPARCVD as 'adjusted items'.